A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The King Is Dead is an attempt at making one game per month in 2018. This one took me 3 weeks to make.

Play on the browser: https://thekingisdead.yahwastaken.com/

The game revolves around four characters/units that you control in a simple and - I hope - funny campaign to get your kingdom back.

The game revolves around simple rules:

  • A king unit that cannot attack and make you lose if hit.
  • A soldier that can attack horizontally or vertically.
  • An archer that can attack diagonally.
  • A Sapper that can attack diagonally and twice as far than a soldier horizontally and vertically.

You can produce units if you have a castle. Capturing villages increase your population limit.

Have fun playing and leave a comment if you will. Any comment, good or bad, is appreciated to make my next game better ! Thanks.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Feb 07, 2018
Made withUnity
TagsTurn-based, Turn-based Strategy, Unity


win-x86_64.zip 16 MB
macos.app.zip 18 MB


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Hello. Make a win32 version of your game, please.